obama’s military bloopers

Victory in Iraq?

Maybe I should title this post “A stupid persons guide to the Iraq Pullout.”

Obama is keeping his promise! He’s getting the troops home for Christmas! He really cares!

Obama is up for re-election, his poll numbers are sucking wind, the economy is in the toilet. He needs a boost in his ratings. With Obama, he places himself and his re-election above the needs of the people! This is one way to look good for 2012!

A new era of peace and freedom for Iraq!

This withdrawal has been timed in the worst possible way. Bush handed him an Iraq war that was all but won. Obama is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Now, on the brink of a secure success, Obama is calling it quits in order to boost his poll ratings. Iraq is now up for grabs, since they are not strong enough to defend themselves against a serious aggressor like Iran, who at this moment is revving up for some serious military aggression. Word on the street is that they have a nuke weapon, or are close to getting one. But why should that concern us?

Also, the Iraqis are ALREADY fighting amongst themselves over the spoils. The Sunnis and Shia Muslims are still killing each other, and Civil war looks imminent, if they aren’t conquered by an outside nation first!

Great foreign policy, Barry boy! Right up there with your Arab Spring which destabilized the entire Middle East, and put it into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood! Good move!

Liberal/progressive morons can argue all they want about their messiah’s great works of statesmanship, but history will show what a loser he has been and continues to be as the entire world is now worse because of him! This is clearly and obviously not right versus left, but right versus wrong. Pick a side, and pick wisely. The only requirement is to have two brain cells to rub together and some basic ethics and morals.


charming little movie about “Isms”

Here is a great old cartoon, made over 60 years ago by Harding College. While a lot of it is dated, the basic idea is still very true, and it’s a little sickening to see our country doing exactly what a lot of those folks in this cartoon are doing. It’s only a few minutes long, and very charming in the truest American way. It’s called “Make Mine Freedom” and I urge ALL AMERICANS to watch it.

Here it is:


What Use is there for Socialism? None.

The Truth about Socialism

The Truth about Socialism. Socialism, Communism, Marxism, Maoism Stalinism, Leninism, etc. Who cares? Same crap, different label. It all sucks out loud. It's for losers. I have created this image for the public domain. Please feel free to copy, paste, share and distribute it to as many people and places as you wish. The more the better.

Let’s face it. And we are going to be truthful here. Socialism is the big lie. Don’t let your future and your very life, and the lives of those you love be shaped by a bunch of losers banging drums in the street and screeching for socialism. These poor, deluded morons are a product of the mainstream media and our modern education system which is completely overrun by leftist extremists. They have been duped in one of the biggest swindles since the Third Reich. For the most part, the younger generation, known as “Generation Y” or the “millennials” have been divorced from their own history and culture. They are living a baseless existence, a dark void which the progressive communists are only too happy to fill for them. The progressive commmunist/socialist liars have succeeded in demonizing American history, and our own culture. Their hypocrisy is being performed on an unbelievable scale.

Our current young generation now actually hates their own nation, the United States, and all that it has ever stood for. They have been told that they are victims and they believe it. They think that they are entitled to whatever they want for free. Their idea of letting Wall Street’s rich know that they are dissatisfied is to gather in the street and beat drums, and to chant along mindlessly to anything spoken by some idiot who shows up with a bullhorn. Crime and violence is on the rise. They claim to represent the 99%. It’s a big lie, but they are too stupid to see it. Those who are not are evil and using them to acheive their means. The violent overthrow of the United States.

The truth is that a VAST MAJORITY of the 99% of the population do NOT support the protests, and certainly not the criminal activity and unhygienic filth that they practice. To call them lazy would be an insult to lazy people. They refuse any job offered to them, including some that pay well. They do not wish to work. They wish for big, bloated oversized central government to take care of them. Thanks to the organizers of this nasty un-American movement, the level of violence and the threat to mainstream working America is increasing. These organizers leading the #occupy movement are the unions, especially the SEIU, and public sector union members who feel they should be allowed to offer their mediocre and substandard services for an exorbitantly high wage, and to have extremely nice benefits at YOUR taxpayer expense. The #occupy movement is further supported by our current White House and house minority speaker Nancy Pelosi, and other ethically-challenged criminal democrats. Many other evil people have jumped on the bandwagon. The American NAZI party, David Duke of KKK fame, the Code Pink America-haters who loathe our troops, the Hezbollah terrorist organization, the communist and socialist parties of America, Nation of Islam and many others. The movement is now officially anti-semitic and full of hatred of Jews. And yet, there are still a small handful of ultra-liberal uber-leftist Jews who still support the movement, though most Jews are much smarter than they are, and will have nothing to do with this filthy and immoral movement.

THere is nothing glorious or good about this movement of lowlife scum. To get to the bottom of this and be very honest, it is a movement led by extremely evil and greedy people who wish to exert as much control and corruption as possible upon us, and they rely upon a large number of brain-dead useful idiots who are literally so stupid that they don’t even know that they are being used. They enthusiastically support causes of which they have no clue. Mostly just a bunch of lazy, unwashed losers eagerly following whoever offers them a free ride.


Things you can do with a liberal arts degree

OWS America-Hating Losers

Things you can do with a Liberal Arts degree

Useful things to do with a Liberal Arts Degree:

    Work as a Coffeehouse Barista for near-minimum wage! But act superior to everyone else!

    Become a Global Warming/Climate Change Activist

    Apply for Welfare, food stamps, SSI etc.

    Join the Communist Party!

    Cover your face with tattoos and piercings, and a pound of metal art, thereby negating future serious job interviews!

    Smoke some dope.

    Bang drums in the street. That worthwhile activity always leads to progress!

    Burn the American flag!

    Get a Che Guevara T-shirt! Idolize the mass-murdering commie scumbag!

    Demand an executives’ salary with a large corner office right out of college! You ARE entitled after all!

    Be a professional victim! Cry for the TV cameras about how oppressed and angry you are!

    Vandalize a small business, creating a hardship for a hardworking REAL American who is working for a living!

    Suddenly decide that you are oppressed!

    Develop a sense of elitism!

    Join OWS full time!

    Mindlessly chant along in wholehearted agreement with any moron who shows up with a bullhorn!

    Rape, arson, murder, theft, vandalism, public indecency and other civil disobedience.

    Take a personal oath to deny and fight all facts and realities. Emotion over reality!

    Take a vow against bathing and personal hygiene!

    Demand your trophy for participating in something.

    Willingly piss away your freedom, autonomy and human rights, under the guise of being “oppressed.”

    You can go and F*** Yourself, America-hating commie scum!

    Make your parents proud by doing things in public most people would be ashamed to do in private!

    Show America that you are a useful idiot tool of the commie/progressive left, and a whore for the unions, who are playing you like a fiddle! For Free! (Or did they rent you cheap?)

    Obtain a dollar. That and a LIberal Arts degree will get you a cup of coffee!

Why the Hell would a progressive want a degree anyway? In their new communist paradise, they’ll just be assigned a ditch-digging job anyway. From what I’ve seen, most recent college graduates can’t read, write and spell anyway. So much for higher education under the new leftist dumbed-down and fully communist-indoctrinated system. How does it feel to be completely divorced from your very own history and culture? How does it feel to have your own national history demonized? Is there some utopia where history has been perfect and free from some kind of strife or hardship? If you hate America so much, you’re free to go there! Suckers!

You’ll spend your days lining up for toilet paper ration coupons between food shortages, sweating in the summer and freezing your ass off in the winter. Let’s not forget! Electricity is evil, and bad for the planet, and so is heating oil! Widespread solar or other “green” technology won’t be here for at least another 20 years. Get used to living the fantasy of collective life. Say goodbye to the luxury of privacy. Share everything, including your assigned housing and rides on public transportation! They want us to give up cars too. Al Gore thinks they’re bad, although he has a fleet of gas-guzzling SUVs. Of course, he’s politburo ruling class, and therefore better than you!

Forget about private property, property rights, keeping the fruits of your labor. Kiss your civil rights goodbye. Freedom of religion. Freedom of speech. Freedom of press. Your right to freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures. Want to visit a relative in another city? Better have your travel papers in order! They’ll be checked. Your movements will be tracked. Your mail will be read. Your internet activity will be watched closely! Say goodbye to your right to bear arms. All great totalitarian regimes have disarmed their people with chilling results! As an individual, you are worthless. You are a piece of the collective now. Chattel owned and controlled by the state! Learn your place and do as you are told! Welcome to your new communist paradise. As Karl Marx says, “Each according to their ability, each according to their own need.”

Aren’t you glad you took out a huge student loan to learn how to be a communist sheep/useful idiot?


Occupy DC protesters sink to new lows

Here are some videos of the Occupy DC protests that really show off the ethics of the progressive left.
Yet progressives staunchly defend and support this subhuman filth! Be proud, Democrats/Liberals/Progressives/commies!

Here is a link to a video showing Occupy DC protesters using a small child as a human shield in their violent harrassment of other citizens: Child used as human shield

And here is a video of those same scumbags, who trapped people in a building during their protest, denying them the right to exit. This goes way beyond free speech or the right to peaceably assemble. This is more like terrorism:

There is truly no low to which these subhuman scum will not sink. And yet they continue to offer arguments and staunchly defend this disgusting movement. Occupy protesters, and their supporters, Liberals, Democrats, Progressives, Socialists, Communists and Marxists are truly morally bankrupt, ethically-challenged scum intent on destroying our nation out of sheer stupidity, founded on the lowest principles of humankind. And yes, this does include the Mainstream media, our president and the House Minority Speaker! Other supporters include Code Pink, Communist Party USA, Hezbollah terrorist organization, the American NAZI party, the KKKs David Duke, Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan and other racists and Jew haters.


How to be an OWS protester

OWS Defecate on American flag

OWS Defecate on American flag. Are your parents proud of you? This activity now accepted by Socialists!

How to be an OWS protester:

Go to college. Spend 4 years partying, burning American flags, being indoctrinated by uber-leftist commie progressive professors. Get separated from your own history. Demonize your own country. Graduate with a worthless Liberal Arts degree. Get a marijuana leaf tattooed on your forehead, and put a bunch of piercings and metal junk in your face. Wonder why your job interview did not go well, assuming you even bother to show up. Get a job at a coffee house with your “artistic” face, making little more than minimum wage, all the while feeling superior to the customers who come in to buy the coffee drinks, because you have a liberal arts degree. You are smarter than everyone else!!! Buy into whatever flimsy political cause sounds the easiest. Get sucked into the OWS movement with other like-minded indiviuals, and screech for student loan forgiveness, free housing, welfare, food stamps, whatever. Have a strong sense of entitlement! The world OWES you!

Vent your frustration by destroying/vandalizing/looting cars and small businesses, owned by working, taxpaying middle-class Americans who outnumber you at least 2-to-1, then call yourselves the 99%. Yes. I am calling you losers.

Other tips:

    Get a Che Guevara T-Shirt

    Don’t bathe.

    Freeze your jeans!

    Staunchly defend socialism/communism, even though you have no fricking clue what it is.

    Fill your head with stupid utopian ideas. Like people in North Korea living well!

    Chant along with any idiot who has a loudspeaker. No matter what stupidity they speak!

    Replace all of your written English with text-message abbreviations. Even on job applications!

    Be extremely rude, pushy and greedy, show no courtesy to anyone.

    Lie, cheat and steal!

    Use children as human shields!

    Practice the most blatant form of racism, then call everybody else racist!

    Jump in front of a moving car! Get run over, then claim victimhood for the TV cameras! (If you survive)

    Commit rape.

    Commit arson.

    Commit theft.


    Take a vow against personal responsibility! Your life is someone else’s responsibility!

    Commit a felony. Assault someone.

    Be an absolutely disgusting hypocrite! Demonize any conservative billionaire, while adoring any 1%er liberal, like George Soros.

OR, you can simply choose to be as stupid as the protesters in this video:


A Picture is still worth a thousand words…

Hello, readers! It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted anything, so I thought I’d do a quick post of pictures that I’ve cobbled together from internet images and some political cartoons I’ve come across.  Here they are.  Enjoy!






obama destroying america


Dead Donkeys in 2012!  Let's fire Obama!



failed progressive policies

spread this around. Failed progressive and Democrat policies






Glenn Beck always get ridiculed, even though he's almost always right!




Spread this picture around. Copy it, paste it, share it. It's a true representation. Ask any communism survivor!


Mob Rule under Obama.

Your future under mob rule.



Is this what you REALLY want? Vote for Obama in 2012 and find out!



obama jobs bill

You can't create jobs by destroying free enterprise!


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!  Or, you could just do this...  OWS moron

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Or, you could just do this...


sharia law

Do you really want Sharia law? Why do progressives seem to like it so much?


Islamic Jihad against America.  Supported wholeheartedly by progressives and Democrats!

Islamic Jihad against America. Supported wholeheartedly by progressives and Democrats!


jihad supporter

jihad supporter


Racial division, criminal activity, corruption, voter intimidation...

Racial division, criminal activity, corruption, voter intimidation...


Trash the USA in 2012!  Vote for Obama!

Trash the USA in 2012! Vote for Obama!